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The Empire City Garrison membership is composed of all volunteers. We are focused on professional costuming and spreading the love of Star Wars to fans in our territory of New York’s 5 Boroughs, Long Island and Mid & Lower Hudson Valley regions.

Because we are volunteers we cannot guarantee specific characters at events. Please feel free to note your special request for specific characters  in the comment section below and we will try to accommodate based on availability.

Our members make use of Lucasfilm LTD copyrights and trademarks with permission from Lucasfilm LTD and hold no ownership of these intellectual properties and cannot grant any rights to the same properties.

The Empire City Garrison supports various types of events, please review the Event Definition below.

Charity Events

The Empire City Garrison supports numerous charity be appearing at blood drives, charity fairs, walks and runs and other charity related events.

It should be noted that the Legion does not participate in political or protest events.

Community Events

We are proud to support our local community by appearing at local libraries , school fairs, and scouting events.

Character Visits

Our members are happy to visit hospitals in our territory. Some of our past visits have been to Stony Brook Hospital, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and Tisch Hospital.

Corporate / Promotional Events

A corporate or promotional event is any event sponsored by a corporate, advertising, promotional or marketing firm for the purpose of promoting a product, sale, or media release.

Conventions / Fan Fests

Members of the ECG love to bring our passion for star wars costuming to local conventions. We also are happy to bring our event Blast-a-Trooper to conventions to raise money for charities while giving your attendees a fun activity.

Private Events

Unfortunately we are unable to make appearances at Weddings and Parties unless there are special circumstances. Please contact us regarding your event but note that because of our volunteer basis we may not be able to accommodate your request


Event Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of two weeks lead time for planning. 30 days is preferred.
  • Both the Sponsor and the local Garrison will provide a specific contact person for relating all information back and forth.
  • Frequent breaks in a climate-controlled (if possible) area every 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the character(s) present).
  • Access to water.
  • Access to restrooms.
  • Access to a changing area that is secure or lockable, clean, well-lit, private, furnished with tables and/or chairs/stools. (e.g. a break room or conference room). A bathroom or storage closet is not acceptable.
  • Free or compensated parking that is close to the venue (less than 5 minutes walking distance).
  • A safe environment that is well-maintained and well-lit for our members to be featured or to interact with the public.
  • Allowances for handlers from within our own group to be present for the safety of our members.
  • Security is to be handled by the Sponsor, not the Legion members.
  • We are unable to perform complicated skits, battles, or extensive choreography. Therefore, appearances should be planned with this restriction in mind

Legion Support Personnel (Costume Support Handlers)

Many of the costumes owned by the Legion members have limited visibility and freedom of movement. As such, it is common for the Legion to bring support personnel or handlers to events. The handlers assist the costumed characters in dressing prior to the event and act as extra eyes and ears for the costumed characters. Our handlers are typically Legion members, family members, or potential new members who are working on attaining membership in the Legion.

Handlers may be costumed characters without helmets such as Imperial Officers or Imperial Crew. Handlers may also be dressed casually, or in a Legion or Garrison shirt. Please advise the Legion’s contact person assigned to your event of the level of formality of your event so that Legion handlers may dress appropriately.

While handlers are there for the safety and security of the costumed characters, the Sponsor is ultimately responsible for the security of the event including patron interaction.

ECG Appearance Request
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